Wearing A Marquise Diamond Is The Ultimate Gift

Every woman of an age above 16 learns a little about diamonds. So, it would be surprising if the average woman didn’t have a clue about what a marquise diamond looks like. This diamond shape maximizes carat weight, it looks larger than it is. The cut of the diamond is oval with pointed ends and it originates from the court of King Louis XVI of France between 1774 and 1790.

Legend has told the story like this: the marquise diamond’s shape mimicked the that of King Louis’s girlfriend. As a solitaire, this diamond always stands out. It offers many varying angles and asymmetry that cannot be had with the traditional round diamond.

This diamond can benefit the wearer by making her fingers appear long and slender if the diamond’s points follow along the length of the digit. This diamond shines even more when surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds.

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