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Using Hemp Straw Bedding For Pets

Hemp straw bedding is a safe and comfortable form of lining for the cages of animals. Hemp has several benefits when compared to other straws because it is naturally absorbent as it absorbs four times its own weight. It is excellent at masking unpleasant smells, especially the odor of ammonia often associated with animal urine. It is better at masking these types of odors than sawdust or wood chips.

Animals with respiratory problems are better served by using hemp straw due to its low dust production. Hemp is also very biodegradable as it decomposes far faster than either wood chips or sawdust. Hemp is also used to remove toxins from the soil, air, and water. Hemp straw can also be used to choke out weeds and as groundcover for landscaping projects.

Hemp straw makes great bedding for horses, chickens, rats, mice, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, and reptiles.

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