User Acceptance Testing Best Practices: How To Ensure Your Product Is User-Friendly

UAT is a critical step in the software development process. It is the final checkpoint before a product is released to the public. In order for UAT to be successful, it is important to follow best practices.

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Some user acceptance testing best practices include:
– Defining clear and achievable goals – Before starting UAT, it is important to define what the goals of the testing are. This will help to ensure that the testing is focused and productive.
– Creating realistic test scenarios – In order for UAT to be effective, the test scenarios must be realistic. The goal is to simulate real-world usage as much as possible.
– Involving actual users in the process – UAT is not effective if it is conducted by developers or testers who are not familiar with the product. It is important to involve actual users in the testing process in order to get accurate feedback.

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