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Useful Tips Of Weaning A Toddler.

Weaning a toddler is a stage that occurs in baby’s as they develop, and it involves introducing solid food as they continue breast feed. There are different ways which can help a parent or caregiver wean a toddler and they are such as:

Reduce breastfeeding time

Through doing this the baby tends to get hungry, and they will transition easily to solid foods.

The other way is by choosing the right time for weaning, this is whereby one should not start weaning
when the baby is going through major changes in their life such as; when they have been moved to a new room or crib or when the mother is going back to work.

Have distractions

These are important mostly when the baby starts to refuse eating, one can have toys around to help in distracting the baby, or instead give them a snack they like.

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