Unique Holiday Spots in the US

Classic holiday ideas can wear out even the most fun-loving people. A little detour off the norm is sure to ignite a spark of excitement and create unforgettable holiday memories. There are dozens of unbelievably beautiful locations to discover in the US, some hidden from plain sight, while others are nicely strategic yet underrated.   One great thing about these destinations is fewer crowds and much lower prices, which is always a good thing.

If you are looking for unique vacation locations in the US, here are a few considerations to leave you yearning for the beginning of your exciting vacation.

Big Sur, California

Big Sur, California, is a fantastically alien-like patch of beauty offering many scenic locations suited for a wide range of activities. Its high ridges provide a panoramic view of the massive Los Padres National Forest and the seemingly peaceful coastline. The location is easily accessible by road, creating a chance for an unforgettable road trip and sight-seeing along the way.

Alaska’s Mendenhall Glacier

Alaska takes the top prize for magnificent cold glaciers, and the Mendenhall Glacier is one sight to behold. Tourists are awed by breathtaking views and thunderous sounds of enormous ice blocks breaking off and dropping into the cool waters from the visitor center.  These ice blocks cause massive water displacement that creates powerful ripples and gigantic waves, which can raise your hairs and bolt athletically uninspired blokes into a crazy race for the hills.

Charleston’s Haunted Buildings

Charleston is one of the top-rated US cities, fusing ultra-modern infrastructure, and rich historical monuments to provide the perfect getaway for tourists with a chance to have fun moments and learn about American history simultaneously. Over the years, Charleston has gained fame for haunted tour experiences. The town’s paranormal tales are a guarantee for a thrilling tour, especially if you fancy horror films, and is an excellent shift from classic vacation choices.

Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Weather elements have formed some of the world’s most spectacular physical features, including the Antelope Canyon in Arizona. The golden-hued canyon is a product of erosion caused by flash floods to form flowing shapes and passageways illuminated in select openings by the sun’s rays. Due to the canyon’s hazardous nature, tourists can only visit under the company of a licensed tour guide.

Hamilton Pool Reserve, Texas

The Hamilton Pool Reserve is a splendid spot popular with swimmers for its jade-green waters and is perfect for those sunny weekends out of town. You can visit the reserve all year round and witness its changing phases, corresponding with the seasons. The scenery also doubles up as an ideal ground for hiking activities, with tour guides available to help you explore the scenery.

As you make your vacation plans, remember that a memorable experience does not have to cost an arm and a leg. These places are within most people’s financial reach with a few months of saving and offer a fresh holiday experience right here in the US.

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