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Tips Of Strengthening Muscles Around The Bladder, Rectum And The Uterus.

Pelvic floor is a collection of muscles that support the pelvic area such as, the bladder, the rectum and the uterus. An inconsistent one can be too tight or too loose, and doing exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor, it’s always important because they help to relax muscles that are in places like, abdomen, thighs and buttocks

While exercising its important to ensure that: the bladder is empty, tighten the muscles and hold for ten minutes, then relax the muscles after counting up to ten, then doing a repeat of the them three times in a day.

Some of the exercises include:
Kegels which are suitable for both men and women, there is bridge which is done by lying with the back on the floor, then lift the buttocks. There is squats which is also a good exercise for the pelvic floor and the buttocks and the other one is squeeze and release.

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