The Value Of Sustainable Garden Design

Your life is full of choices. Every day, you make decisions that affect your health, the environment, and even your finances. One way to be sustainable in your life is by designing sustainable gardens for your home or business. These gardens are not only beautiful, but they also save money on utilities and help reduce waste that can take a toll on our planet’s resources.

1) Plant native plants – Native plants are not only beautiful, but they also require less water than other types of plants. This means that it is easier for them to thrive when there is a drought or periods of high temperatures. They also help reduce air pollution because they don’t produce pollen like other plant life types.

2) Build raised beds – Raised beds can be filled with soil or compost, which helps maintain the moisture level, so the plants don’t dry out. This will help sustainable garden design by reducing the amount of water needed for irrigation, saving time and money on your end.

3) Recycled materials – Before you go shopping at a home improvement store to buy new building supplies, check around your house first! You may have old wooden pallets
Sustainable garden designs have been shown to save up to 50% more water than traditional gardening methods.

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