The Most Walkable Cities in Vermont

Walkable cities give us a chance to travel easily between work, food, and entertainment without having to race the traffic and deal with the cost of gasoline and car insurance. Vermont is full of them, giving everyone a chance to stop and take things a little slower.

These are the most walkable cities in Vermont, and what makes them so fantastic?

Why a Walkable City Matters

Walkable cities give you a chance to keep active, avoid having to drive everywhere, and feel like you’re in a community. When we drive everywhere, it’s easy to feel separated from other people, despite going along with them in traffic.

Walkable cities are also great for people who can’t afford cars or public transit and yet still have to get between work and home. This gives everyone a chance to get groceries, work, go to school, and have fun without having to worry about gas prices.

1. Waterbury

Designated as the most walkable city in Vermont, Waterbury is so beautiful anyone would be excited to walk here. From the fantastic greenery and public art to the farmers’ markets and historic buildings, you’re surrounded by awesome views all day. 

There are even countless trails outside of the city, where you can stop and explore nature and travel the numerous brooks, rivers, and paths that make this area a paradise.  

2. Burlington

There’s no city quite like Burlington! Although it’s only a silver-level community due to the traffic, it’s an awesome place to walk and feel safe. Nearly 100% of the city is walkable, with sidewalks and paths to keep pedestrians safe. Complete streets projects, calming traffic practices in the works, and the public’s work to help the city make its streets walkable and safe have all combined in this being a better area.

Thankfully, Burlington houses for sale are usually also affordable, which makes this a community where anyone can feel comfortable and keep active. 

3. Winooski

Although this city is close to Burlington, it deserves its own space on this list! Winooski is the best-kept secret of the state, offering a tightly-knit community where you can walk to anything from movies to the doctor.  

This is perfect for young families or older retirees who want a laid-back and more community-based style of living.

Why Move to Vermont 

Although there are countless cities to move to and states that offer tons of attractive options, there’s nothing better than Vermont. This great state has the best summers, full of cooler air and fantastic nature that’s vivid green. Although winters can get chilly, that cold is worth it because you can go skiing, ice skating, ice fishing, and so much more. Everything about this state makes it easy to want to move and start your life fresh.

Vermont Keeps Things Mobile!

Although it’s easy to assume that a chilly state like Vermont can make it harder to want to get outside and stay active, its walkable cities make it a dream come true. Consider moving to one of these fantastic areas, and you’ll never look back.

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