The GS3: Professional Coffee Around The Clock

Because of the variety of coffees on offer in high street bars and restaurants, more people than ever are seeking to make professional standard coffee in their own homes. In addition, restaurant proprietors wish to serve fine coffees to customers on demand, but without the stress of maintaining a complement of personnel around the clock. Now, the gs3 coffee machine enables enthusiasts and restaurateurs to do just that.

The gold-standard coffee machine is made in a shiny, chrome retro-espresso bar aesthetic, and includes a water reservoir that makes plumbing in, optional. A preheating boiler enables greater productivity for the restaurateur while he monitors the temperature on the in-built digital display. Indeed, his only job is to grind the required blend of coffee, supply the machine and tamp at intervals. Machines are usually supplied with steel filters and precision baskets. The only downside is the cost, which can be upwards of $6000. However, renting or leasing a machine is an option, enabling the restaurateur to be creative while the machine takes over the work.

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