The Film Production Journey

When it comes to filming and photography, a lot is involved in creating an exclusive movie or picture. Unlike today where everything is digitized, in the old days, film and picture wheel was the order of the day. To record a motion picture, one needed a plastic film base with stripes coated in gelatin emulsion with small silver halide crystals. However, the image captured by the camera was invisible until bathed in a specified chemical. The fact is that picture reels did their best to ensure photography, be it in 2D or 3D, was delivered depending on the camera used.

Everyone has a photo album and at least a 2D picture in it. There are many events people attend where photos are ideal for marking and continuously remembering the occasion. It was of absolute necessity to take pictures and store some in the reel frame for better storage in the past. This practice was common in many photographers and made it easier to keep memories of these events. The little white disc was magic to everyone, including the children. However, the sole purpose was to educate grownups on a range of topics, including travel and military ammunition identification, among others.

Movie Theaters Back in the Days

Producing a short, black and white, and low-quality film in the past was a long hectic process as it involved putting in place a lot of things. Movies in those days got projected in the form of motion pictures using film reels. When showcasing a cinema, a projectionist would keenly switch from one picture wheel to another in a way that gave a smooth transition. Was this a movie or a photo slide? Anyway, people used to pay to watch this kind of “movie,” and they enjoyed it. However, the work has become easier today since more reels transformed into digital projectors that work flawlessly in movie projection. With most movie theaters going for other modern ways of playing movies, the film has not yet become obsolete as other theaters prefer them to the digital means. Also, several filmmakers are still creating their movies using films.

The Modern-Age filming

There is so much divergence between the digital and the analog filming techniques. The digital experience has indeed taken over the industry and the lives of the audience. A day cannot pass without watching a video; it might get informed of advertisements, reality shows, or movies. In the past, there were specific times for movie projections in the theaters since few people could afford their own filming devices. Today every home has a television screen and blue-ray devices to read movies from blu-ray discs. Additionally, there are portable flash discs that get supported in various TV systems that have the potential of storing and projecting high definition pictures. The advancement of the picture wheels and retro viewers to faster, colored, and digital cameras

have made work easier and enhanced the video’s quality or picture output when it comes to filming. However, film reels are still charming, and filmmakers switch to using them in various filming projects.

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