The Constant Expansion Of Athletic Knit Fabric

Athletic knit fabric is slightly different than regular fabric knits. The athlete is particularly concerned with the moisture wicking, breathability, and comfort of his athletic wear. The wearer is seeking 4-way stretch as a major component so that their movement is not restricted. They enjoy mesh knit fabrics as the air has easy access to their flesh making it very breathable and easy to wear during various exertions.

Most athletic knits are composed of nylon, Spandex, and polyester. Many of these synthetic fibers are blended with comfort fibers like cotton, bamboo, or hemp. There are yoga pants being sold made of 60% organic bamboo, 26% cotton, and 14% Spandex. There are knit t-shirts made of 55% hemp and 45% cotton.

Of late, there have been new fibers, which are old fibers being rediscovered that are being used by the athletic clothing industry to meet the demand for comfort and fashion and this is especially applicable in the field of knit fibers.

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