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The Causes, Symptoms And Ways To Prevent Medical Burnout

Physician burnout is a psychological syndrome that is a prolonged response due to chronic occupational stressors. The causes of Medical Burnout are completing too many administrative tasks, not having enough time with patients, working too many hours, keeping up with growing patient demand, and worrying about online reputation.

The most common burnout symptoms are loss of motivation, feeling helpless, detachment, increased negative outlook, decreased satisfaction, and feeling tired and drained all the time. Other symptoms are lowered immunity and tiredness that does not respond to rest. To prevent burnout, start your day by relaxing, incorporating healthy eating, exercising, and sleeping habits, setting personal boundaries and nurture your creative inclination.

To conclude, talk to a burnout representative or friend soon and find out other ways to prevent this feeling of helplessness. The benefits of seeking help are so worth the effort.

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