The Appeal Of The Maternity Sports Bra

The maternity sports bra needs to support the breasts during exertion and a provide easy access to the nipple for nursing mothers. Most sports bras offer soft support. Without underwires, the molded cups offer additional reinforcement to secure the sides and bottoms of the breasts.

They also offer full coverage and lift of the breasts, while maintaining breathability for the whole area. Many offer a mesh back, sides, and under the breasts to obtain a nice flow of air to the body.

Buy them is sizes ranging from small, medium, large, x-large, and xx-large, or xxx-large. Some will come with removable cups, allowing for more use when exercising as well as use when relaxing around the house.

The primary fabric used to construct this type of bra is a polyester cotton spandex blend. Polyester to give the lightweight factor to the bra, cotton to add a wicking element and spandex to ensure adequate stretch and hold.

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