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Sterilization Paper And The Process Of Sterilization

Sterilization paper is a process that’s often misunderstood. While it has its place in the medical and dental world, it isn’t used as much as it could or should be. This is unfortunate because this is such a simple process often used so often but usually is taken for granted.

Sterilization paper itself is a fairly simple substance, composed of two different types of paper. The first is an anti-bacterial type of paper that forms a ring, nearly impenetrable, around the item that needs to be sterilized. After this is placed on the surface of the item, the next step is to coat the surface with a disinfecting material that will kill any bacteria or germs within reach. The final step is to place the protective layer of material over the surface, sealing it tightly. Once the item is cleaned and disinfected, it is ready to be Sterilized.

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