Some Of The Latest AI News

Here is some of the latest AI news:

• Robots in Health

With the pandemic resulting in a need for social distancing, using robots for health care interactions is becoming a way to reduce personal contact between health care workers and patients. While there remain issues about how people will feel about interacting with a robot, a recent study showed that patients regarded interacting with a video screen mounted on a robot was similar to an in-person session and that a majority of patients were open to this approach. Whether AI-powered health robots will meet with a similar reaction is yet to be tested.

• AI Understands Beauty

Researchers have created an AI system that appears to understand how people define beauty in others by analyzing facial features they regard as attractive. Based on this information the AI was able to independently create new images that matched people’s ideas of beauty. Uses for this include being able to model preferences and identifying unconscious determinants in decision making.

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