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Smart Pots: Better For Your Plants.

If you’ve ever had a plant die in your home, then you know how heartbreaking it can be. Studies have shown that 80% of plants bought from stores are dead within two weeks because they were not given the proper care when purchased. Smart Pots aim to change this, and we will tell you how.

1) What are smart pots?

Smart pots are plant containers that allow better water drainage, airflow, and root growth than traditional garden planters. Smart Pots have been designed with a unique fabric to help promote healthy plants by allowing them to breathe. This makes it much easier for the roots of your potted plants to grow without any obstructions or dangers.

2) Is it easy to use this accessory?

Yes! Smart pots are very easy to use. You simply place your plant inside, add soil and water, and watch as it grows into a perfectly healthy potted plant in no time at all.

3)What is the cost of smart pots?

Smart pots are relatively inexpensive plants containers. They range in price from $15-20 per container, depending on the pot size you choose.
Don’t wait any longer; give more life to your plants with this innovative accessory.

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