Simple Romantic Camping Ideas

For your upcoming anniversary, consider the following romantic camping ideas:

1. Fairy Lights

Make your tent glow quite literally with fairy lights. There are battery-powered options which you can charge before you leave. There are also solar-powered lights that you can set up early to collect energy from the sun. Choose warm white for a subdued radiance that can spark your romance.

2. Bluetooth Speakers

Unless you have great speakers on your phone, it’s better to use a Bluetooth speaker instead if you plan to blast out some tunes and dance with your partner. You could also bring a ukulele or some other small instrument to accompany your partner’s singing.

3. Camp Feast

Most important of all is to have a memorable feast. Although resources may be scarce at camp, it is possible to whip up delicious meals. Look for recipes online on how to make simple meals special in the wilderness. You could make pasta, grill meat, and bring wine.

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