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Shopping For The Perfect Discreet Pipe

If you enjoy taking a toke while you’re out and about, you’ll definitely want to invest in a discreet pipe. This appliance will allow you to safely and securely carry a modest amount of weed with you, and it will also be easy to inconspicuously use in public. Whether searching online or at a local smoke shop, there are several important features that you should be sure to look for.

For discretion’s sake, one of the best options is a pipe that’s been fashioned to look just like a tobacco cigarette. With this design, a small amount of bud or flower can be placed at the tip. When you light the end of your pipe and inhale, you’ll appear to be smoking tobacco. The drawback is that there is no sure way to keep the bud in while it’s being transported and after you have taken your toke. Thus, you may want to look for designs that have a special chamber for carrying your weed. These types of pipes do not look like cigarettes, but they are far more accommodating and efficient. When choosing a specific design, make sure that the colors are not bright and eye-catching. You can invest in brilliant, multi-hued options for use at home, but should choose small-sized products with entirely neutral colors for discreet use outdoors.

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