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Scope Of Anti Bribery Pakistan

Bribery in Pakistan is a controversial and sensitive issue that has caused political trouble between the government and the opposition. This is because opposition parties accuse the government of failing to do enough to curb corruption, especially in the field of graft. Though bribery is illegal, it is common among politicians, business people, and other public officials. The law against bribery is rarely enforced, and due to this, the government is not trying to impose strict Anti Bribery Pakistan laws.

However, these tougher anti-bribery laws do not seem to be working as they should. With the increasing corruption in the country, there are now new measures to ensure that people comply with these anti-bribery rules. All public and private organizations work under the provisions of the anti-bribery laws. There are regular audit checks to ensure these measures are effective in all organizations.

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