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Pressed Flowers: A Creative Craft Project

Pressed flowers are a great project for children and adults alike. They can be pressed using any flower, but roses seem to work best. Flowers pressed on their own make beautiful decorations for the home or office, pressed with words make lovely gifts and pressed with photographs make priceless memories. Here are three reasons why you should try pressed flower craft:

1) It’s simple – all you need is some paper towels or old newspaper to press your flowers onto some flowers, a stapler, and maybe some ribbon or string to make the pressed flower into a decoration
2) It’s cheap – you can start this craft project with things that are already in your house
3) You’ll end up with something beautiful!

Pressed flowers are a creative craft project that can be used to spruce up any room in your home. You will need pressed flowers, scissors, watercolor paper, and paints to complete this project.

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