Political Influencing Training: How To Train Your Employees

Do you know what political influence is? It’s a training program that helps teach employees how to campaign for a political candidate. This article will give you the knowledge and advice needed to create your own political influencing training course!

What does this training consist of?

A political influencing training course should have many different components. You’ll want to have PowerPoint slides that cover how political influence works, what political parties are, the difference between political campaigns and political advertising, as well as an explanation of which laws you need to live by when running a campaign.

You also need to teach your employees about social media marketing & building their brand because they will be promoting themselves for the company’s candidate! These parts of the training are essential, so people know how not to get caught up in fake news or lose their credibility on these platforms.
Another part of your political influencing program should include proper interview techniques and public speaking skills (that can go hand-in-hand with campaigning).
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