Planning For Your Supply Chain’s Plan B

One of the hurdles to returning manufacturing to America from overseas is to find people who are tooled up and not drowning in orders already. Given the increasing unreliability of both shipping times and quality control of products coming out of China, many smart manufacturers have started exploring ways to set up at least a small-scale production line inside the US as a standby measure in case the problem continues to worsen.

All the major car manufacturers worldwide can testify as to the perils of getting too deep into a globally-source just-in-time inventory system. The first step to extricating oneself from this trap is to line up someone who can perform some turnkey PCB assembly services at a reasonable price. This permits the company to build a secondary supplier without the need to erect a factory of their own from scratch. It also leaves them with a priceless advantage over their competitors in the event of a major supply chain interruption.

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