Photo Gift Ideas They Will Absolutely Adore

The perfect gift is always personal, and nothing is more personal than photographs. Here are a few conventional (and some new) ways to let someone know you care.

Personalized Photograph Wall

This gift is best given to someone the giver lives with. It allows a lot of creativity since the giver can pick out the photos, corresponding frames, and decide where to place them. They can even and pick a theme for the wall, adding decorations that correspond with the theme.

Framed Photograph

A gift that will never go out of style. Give something personal that brings the receiver good memories and a smile. A personalized frame is an extra touch that can be included as part of the gift.

A Baby Footprint Kit

This one is for new parents. This gift will always be treasured, and likely become a family heirloom. One with an attached frame and photos of the baby already added will find a place as a centerpiece in their home for quite some time.

Custom Photo Gift Calendar

Most print shops can help with this. All the purchaser has to do is pick out the photos they want and which month they want them to correspond to. There may even be options on styles of calendars to pick from.

A Photo Album

Sometimes a classic is best. If it is mostly empty they can fill it with all the memories they choose. It gives them an excuse to try new things and go on many adventures. Or, maybe they already have a lot of memories and just need a safe place to store them that is also easy to peruse. In this case, filling it with photos may be the best gift. A thoughtful way to say, “I know you have a lot on your plate; here is one less thing you need to do.”

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Place a picture of the grandkids, a tender moment between a couple, or any photo commemorating an achievement in a Christmas tree ornament and it will be an instant classic. Something the receiver can gush over every year when the Christmas ornaments come out.

A Light Box Containing Personal Photos

This serves as both home decor and memorabilia. The receiver can bask in the soft lighting while taking in the countenance of a loved one or a favorite place.

Wine Bottle Label

Buy his or her favorite bottle of wine and they will already love it, but add a personal label and the custom photo gift, and it will be an everlasting memory, even after the wine is gone. They can be humorous with jokes and photos, or heartfelt with passages from their favorite books or poems and pictures of their loved ones.

Magnetized Frames or Magnetized Photos

Everybody has a ridiculous amount of pictures, clippings, and art hanging on their fridge. It may start to look scattered and tacky. If the magnets are not strong enough, stuff might even begin to fall off the fridge and onto the floor. Clear the clutter and protect precious photos by placing them in magnetized frames or turning them into magnetized photos.

Large Prints    

This gift is best if it commemorates essential moments that are also picturesque, such as weddings or far-flung locals that the receiver has been to. It makes a great housewarming gift as it will make their new house feel more like home.

A Laptop Case

Create custom laptop cases complete with adorable pictures and cute decals. An excellent gift for anyone on the go always or the high school grad just moving out to start college.

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