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Organic Washcloths Feel Ultra Soft

Organic Washcloths are made with plush organically grown cotton and are thicker than ordinary towels. In addition, they have more absorbency and are great for everyday use. Organic towels also dry faster due to their breathability. They come in a wide selection of colors that are sure to match any color scheme in your bathroom. These high-quality towels feel soft against the skin and are like the towels found in luxury hotels and spas. They are also perfect for guests coming for the holidays who will love the heavier feel of these towels and the ultra fluffy softness. These highly durable towels are also ideal for those who have sensitive skin because they are chemical-free and will not irritate the skin. These affordable high-end towels are designed with your skin in mind and typically come in sets of four, six, eight, and twelve.

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