Newcastle Bottomless Brunch: What To Expect

Newcastle Bottomless Brunch is new to the bottomless brunch scene in Newcastle. This new restaurant offers an excellent experience for anyone looking for an excuse to eat and drink too much without having to worry about the consequences of doing so! Newcastle

1) Why should people go there?

Newcastle has a variety of great dining options. Still, sometimes all you want is something simple that tastes wonderful without breaking the bank. Getting out of the house (or workplace) and escaping into another world for a while can be excellent! Bottomless Brunch in Hamilton South offers this experience. Their menu has plenty of choices based on how hungry or thirsty everyone is.

2) What is its cost?

The costs are around $65 per head for a set menu, including entree, principal, and dessert. The food is delicious with plenty of options to choose from, but the best part about it is that you can keep ordering new plates as long as your guests are still enjoying themselves! This means no more waiting at the end of a meal while everyone else finishes their meals so you can all pay together. They have baristas on standby if drinks get low, too; just ask them for some coffee or tea refills!

3) What kind of dishes should I order?

You can expect to see a range of classic brunch dishes such as Eggs Benedict, French Toast, and Skinny Latte’s; however, if you’re not in the mood for breakfast food, there are plenty of options. The new items on their menu include Beef Tacos, Spicy Lamb Koftas, and Vietnamese Chicken Curry, which you won’t want to miss!

4) What is its atmosphere like?

Located just off Hunter street mall in Newcastle CBD, the new cafe has ample seating inside or out with room for big and small groups. Expect rustic furniture that feels homely but cool at the same time, plus an adorable outdoor area.
This is an excellent alternative for the weekend.

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