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Mining Regulations In Australia

In Australia, the government has set down specific regulations that all mining operations must follow to comply with Australia’s Mining and Resource Management Act. This is a massive piece of legislation that governs all mining activities on Australian soil and has implemented many rules and regulations that must be followed by both state and federal governments and private landowners and land managers. The main focuses of these laws are to protect the environment, promote economic development, and promote the mining of essential resources for Australia and other countries. In addition to these laws, many minor related provisions relate specifically to the minerals and other resources owned by the government and its agencies. The Mining Regulations Act, the Mineral Management Act, and the Environmental Assessment Act apply directly to mining operations on Australian soil.

While mining regulations do not directly address environmental issues about mining, the Minerals Management Act regulates all mining activities on land. It seeks to protect the environment by ensuring that the environment does not suffer from mining activities.

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