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Male Chastity for the Mature Minds

Male chastity devices will not allow you access to your male genitals and thus prevent sex, masturbation, orgasm, and causing pain if an erection is obtained. They can be used either short-term (for example, during a single sexual encounter) or long-term (for several days or more while going about one’s daily activities).

It’s challenging to get data on how many men buy male chastity devices—either short-term or long-term—as it is with any unique sexual behavior. This isn’t something you’d expect to be asked about in a survey.

The goal of male chastity is to delay orgasm for as long as possible. That way, you look forward to it, and you even beg for it. But I must warn: it comes with a bit of experience to enjoy what male chastity devices bring to the table.

Don’t be pushed out of this activity; it’s fun!

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