Mail Merge: Split Into Separate Documents Benefits

Mail merge is a tool that enables you to create personalized content by merging data from different sources. Mail merge can be used in various situations, such as mailings for customers, mailouts to prospects, or fundraising letters.

In this piece, we will talk about the benefits of mail merge split into separate documents:

(1) People save money and time by printing a single piece of paper for all their mailing needs. Printing 50 copies are going to cost more than printing just one copy. You’ll be able to save money by cutting down on paper, ink, and copying costs.

(2) Ensure Your Documents Are Accurate. It can happen when people make a mistake while doing a mail merge. For example, they may forget to separate mailings by zip codes and instead print them on the same page as one another.

(3) When you use mail merge for your business, you’re increasing efficiency. The mail merge process is already more efficient than printing out 50 copies of a document for mailouts or other businesses.
It is cost-efficient and time-saving. Think about these important reasons the next time you are considering this tool.

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