Living Room Art Decorating Ideas

You know you always want some living room art in your living room. But where does it go? First, think about where your furniture is usually. An obvious area for artwork in the living room would be above your sofa or above a display case of some kind. This way, you build a striking interplay between furniture and art, creating a focal point that draws the viewer in.

Another area to have living room art is along a wall. Here you can choose among a variety of art styles and sizes. For prints, painting a whole wall of one color is a great way to keep the room from looking too busy with too much clutter. Painting single prints or hanging a collage of photos from a book or digital on one of these walls will give a bit more of a personal touch. A painting or even a collage of pictures of your family and friends would also look great here. Just remember not to make the room overly busy with too much art so that it seems to flow on itself.

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