Lighting Audits Can Lead To Greater Work Efficiency

Lighting can be a substantial part of energy bills and a proper audit of the lighting facilities in place can not only lead to lower costs of energy, but also go a long way to improve working conditions that can lead to greater efficiency.

In these lighting audits, information has to be gathered about the rooms, ceiling heights, position of staff and workers vis a vis the lighting and other details that can help in the audit. Tasks performed in the space that is being lighted, their hours of operation, and heights of fixtures can help in suggestions for improvement. Another factor that can greatly influence these audits is the availability of natural lighting and the scope for increasing it. All users must also indicate the effect the availability of light has on their work.

Once this survey is completed, measures can be undertaken to increase the effectiveness of whatever lighting is in place. This can be as simple as lowering lights, providing more windows, upgrading to energy saving lights and others.

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