Killer Whale Cape Cod

When you are an apex predator and the most powerful ocean creature, that is capable of taking down even the fearsome great white shark, to say you are spoiled for choice in terms of habitat, is definitely an understatement. Orca’s can be found in all of the planets oceans, basically because they can go¬†literally where ever they choose.

They tend to favour colder waters, but others are found in tropical climes too. Nevertheless, it was still a newsworthy item around New England in 2019, when there was footage released of dolphins swimming with a killer whale Cape Cod fishing charters dream of such a moment for their passengers, but actually experiencing it in reality and capturing it on video, was very special.

These encounters only occur a couple of times a decade; indeed people can spend a lifetime working the ocean and not seeing such a spectacle, so to get it on film was an exceptional achievement.

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