ITIL Foundation Certification: 3 Main Points

The ITIL Foundation Certification is a globally recognized IT certification that demonstrates knowledge in IT Service Management. It can lead to an IT career or provide validation for work experience. The ITIL Foundation Certification consists of 3 main points:

1) Introduction to ITIL

ITIL, or IT Infrastructure Library, is a set of documents that provides best practices for IT Service Management. The ITIL Foundation Certification covers the basics of this framework and how it can be used to improve service quality.

2) Learning about different processes of service management

IT Service Management involves analyzing an organization’s business needs.

It helps to determine what services will need to provide, by:

Setting up policies and procedures with regards to these services, Monitoring the performance of those services throughout their lifecycle (including managing incidents that may occur),
Measuring value delivered by the service against its cost,
Deciding whether or not the service should be continued,
Evaluating IT Service Management policies for overall IT performance.

3) Overview of the key processes in IT Service Management

Incident management, change management, problem management, release, and deployment management.

This is a good starting point to learn more about these topics if you’re interested in further certification training on ITIL or related frameworks like COBIT (Control Objectives for Information Technology).

ITIL is essential to organizations seeking to improve their services. Seeking certification would allow a person to have many job opportunities and a company, a clean and respected reputation with their peers.

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