Introduction To Expression Arts Therapy Training

Expressive arts therapy is a type of emotive therapy that uses graphic art, dance/movement, music, and drama to help clients explore their feelings. This form of therapy can be beneficial for anyone who has difficulty verbalizing their emotions. It also provides a safe space where you can express yourself without being judged or criticized. In this post, we will introduce expressive arts therapies and three supporting points on why explicit arts therapy training may be proper for you!

What are the benefits?
This therapy training can be helpful for people struggling with anxiety, depression, or stress. This form of emotive therapy allows you to express yourself without being judged or criticized in a safe space with no rules, and nothing will go on your permanent record.

What does the training entail?
This is an interactive form of graphic art that allows you to use different expressive modalities to process your thoughts and emotions. This can include music, dance, poetry, drawing, painting, etc.

What are the requirements?
The only requirement for it is expressing yourself creatively with whatever definitive modality you choose.

Expressive arts therapy training is an expressive art form that can be used to process thoughts and emotions. It requires the ability to express oneself creatively with whatever definitive modality you choose.

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