How To Invent An App

As smartphone permeate the market more and more, apps are also turning into a billion dollar industry. If you’ve thought to yourself, ‘I wonder how to invent an app so that I can cash in?’, here are some words of advice.

While there are millions of dollars to be made in apps, it has also become a very crowded market and one of the most difficult issues facing app creators is how to get their app noticed in the sea (over 1 million in both Android and Apple app stores) of apps out there. That is the first consideration and an important one. If you think that the idea is so good people will find it themselves then more power to you and good luck.

The next consideration is who will program it for you. According to experts unless you learn coding and do it yourself you’re likely to spend a lot of money and lose most of it. Another approach is to use visual app creators, of which there are many on the web, but these are unlikely to produce the features and user interface that will make your app a success.

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