How To Increase Bone Density Naturally

As people grow old, their bones tend to become brittle and less dense. The good news is that there are several strategies that can stave these unfortunate developments off. One of the most effective, all-natural ways to preserve the density of your bones is by engaging in strength-building exercises. This can be as simple as walking uphill, performing lunges and squats, or using hand weights to tone-up. The more physically active that you are; the stronger and more resilient your body will invariably become.

When you want to know how to increase bone density, you also have to look at your diet. You should be consuming a diverse array of fresh, natural, and nutrient-dense foods. Aging individuals must also take special care to avoid mineral deficiencies. Consider taking a calcium or magnesium supplement, or indulging in mineral-rich fare such as bone broth. Another important thing to be cognizant of is that persistent, hidden infections can take a toll on your bones and on your body’s natural bone-building and bone-preservation abilities by causing widespread, systemic inflammation. Fight inflammation by adding fresh ginger and garlic to your foods, and by consuming foods like coconut oil that are both nutrient-dense and packed with natural antimicrobial properties.

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