How to Extend the Life of Industrial Machinery

Most industrial equipment and machines are made to last longer and work for many hours. Although industrial machinery is heavy-duty, it doesn’t mean that it is not vulnerable to tear and wear.

There are many things you can do, like applying motor oil on time to extend the life of an industrial machine and make it operate for long. In this article, we highlight some of the best practices to keep your industrial machine in perfect condition to improve its productivity, reduce the downtime, and extend lifespan.

1. Keep checking the fluid level

It is vital to find out if the engine fluid in your industrial machine is always within the recommended level. Ensure your check the fluid level in the machine thermal heat transfer. If the fluid level in this part of the machine is low, your industrial machine will not operate normally, and it can break down any time.

Apart from the engine fluid, you should also check the engine lubricant. Ensure the machine is well-lubricated to reduce friction between the moving parts. If the machine is not lubricated, it will overheat, and this exposes it tear and wear.

2. Clean the machine after use

Most industrial machines are exposed to grease, dirt, and debris, which you must clean to keep the machine operating smoothly. When you leave the machine exposed to a filthy environment, or you forget to clean it regularly, it cannot last long. Dirt exposes your machine to corrosion which can shorten the machine’s life.

A lot of dirt on the machine will come between the machine gears and slow down its efficiency. To keep the machine running smoothly, you should clean it as recommended by the manufacturer. This way, you can extend the machine’s lifespan.

3. Replace broken and worn out parts

An industrial machine’s moving parts are exposed to regular friction, constant vibrations, and extreme temperatures that contribute to tear and wear. With this kind of conditions, most parts of the industrial machine wear out quickly.

Therefore, you should keep checking the different parts of the machine if they are in the best condition. Check for any loose bolts and have them fixed on time. If the machine has cracked seals and warped belts, you should ensure they are replaced on time to improve the machine’s efficiency and longevity.

4. Set and follow a maintenance schedule

You should set a maintenance day for your industrial machine. This is a day that all industrial machines in your factory will not be running. Most industrial machines come with maintenance manual that you should follow if you want them to serve you for longer.

Inform your machine operators about when they should take the machine for maintenance. Also, the operators should be able to tell if a machine needs maintenance. Set a regular timeline for maintenance and ensure all your workers stick to it.

Final Thoughts 

Industrial machines can go down at any time and bring the whole production process to a halt. To keep your company production at the peak, you should follow the tips we have shared in this article to keep your industrial machines in perfect condition.

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