How To Choose The Best Fidget Toys

Fidget toys — something that calms and relaxes people of all ages. It is through keeping the fingers busy that the mind is distracted and thereby starts to relax so the use of a fidget toy is a simple de-stressor for adults and children alike.

There are two main types of fidget toys – the first are those that require manipulation and the second, those which focus on squashing.

With the manipulation toys, there is a wide range on offer. They predominantly require you to move the various parts of the toy through twisting or pressing. They may be accompanied by a sound (e.g. popper board) and can be plain (just as a tangle twister) or have a character (e.g. a pea popper)
The squashing fidget toys allow you to take out some of your anxiety on the toy by pressing your anger and feelings onto the toy that simply takes the pressure.

There is a wide range of outlets to find the best fidget toys so explore, experiment, and enjoy your fidgeting!

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