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How To Choose Home Décor Style Using The Color Wheel

People have different preferences when it comes to color. Finding a color scheme is a crucial step but it often proves quite challenging to some homeowners who want to decorate their interiors. Below are a few guidelines that will assist you in selecting the correct color palette to suit your home décor style.

Have you considered using the color wheel for home décor to match your personality style? There are three types of color schemes to guide your decision making.

Contrast: Consider contrasting colors, such as red-green, yellow-orange and red-purple. This is an ideal way to add some energy to your home decor styles.

Complementary: This scheme is where two opposing colors, such as blue–yellow and green–magenta come together to strike a dramatic yet very bold style.

Analogous: From the color wheel, pick hues colors that are next to each other. For example violet and red-violet or red-orange combo bring a vibrant and tranquil design.

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