Parking System

How An Automated Parking System Benefits From No Human Contact

An automated parking system benefits from the lack of human intervention in many ways. For example, it is able to designate smaller slots for each vehicle to increase capacity. That’s because the movement of machines is far more precise than human drivers. There is no need to increase tolerances in case of human error. There is no need to perform tricky turns in tight spaces. Conveyor belts will deliver the cars in their parking slots.

Selection of slots will also be done by the software using its own algorithm to find the best choice. You won’t see any drivers going around and around a parking lot causing congestion because he can find a slot he likes. Everything will be completed quickly. Lines will be shorter and car owners will be happier.

Safety will also be better since people won’t be lurking in the parking lot among the cars. These will be stacked where only machines can get to them. Theft will be a non-issue.

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