Garden Irrigation Controller

Garden irrigation controllers or sprinklers are devices used to regulate the amount of water a garden’s surface receives. This device functions by adjusting the water flow from the main source of water, such as a pool of water in a house, garden, or even an underground tank, and then controlling how much water is dispensed through a line to the garden’s surface. There are two primary types of irrigation controllers that you can use in your garden.

The first type is the underground tank system. These are by far the most expensive and largest systems to maintain and install. These are usually used for larger gardens with more water needs. The underground tanks have several drains that bring the water to the plants. The other primary type of irrigation controller is the garden hose system which is very popular in residential gardens.

A Garden irrigation controller can help to keep your gardens well maintained all year long. It will keep the soil moist and prevent your plants from drying out, which will cut down on the amount of time you’ll need to water your garden.

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