Five Quick and Simple Tips to get your home Monsoon Ready

Monsoons give the perfect excuse to cozy up with a warm cuppa. But, unfortunately, the rainy season also has its share of hiccups. The damp interiors become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria while leading to other damages. You can easily avoid these issues by having your home rain-proofed and have a monsoon ready home.

Have a Monsoon Ready Home with these Five Tips

Below we have shared some tips for a monsoon safety home while it pours outside.

1. Seal Broken Doors and Windows

Do not let the rainy season damage your home. Look out for broken doors and windows. If you find loose hinges or gaps, get them fixed immediately to get a monsoon ready home.

Or if you have broken wooden doors and windows, have it fixed before the monsoon comes. Since wood swells a lot during the rainy season, it might become difficult to adjust while shutting down.

If you have metal framed doors and windows, repaint them to prevent water leakages and rust. These tips will offer you home rain protection.

2. Fix Broken Wires

Wires are easily damaged during the monsoons. You might need to check your unattended wires around your home before considering fixing them before the rainy season. If you leave it unattended, you are risking yourself to short circuits and electric shocks. To prevent this, keep a check on the electrical system for a monsoon safety home.

3. Protect Wooden Furniture

Rainwater can dampen your wooden furniture and cupboard. This will cause a lot of damage. Here is how you can protect your furniture during the monsoons. Use a dry cloth to clean your wooden household items. Keep camphor balls between your clothes to save them pests.

4. Check Drainage System

A clogged drainage system is a big problem in any season but gets worse if it happens during the monsoons. You have to take extra effort to de-clog. In order to avoid this situation, clean your drains every week, to keep things under control. Apart from causing a foul smell, a clogged drainage system also attracts flies and insects.

5. Use Anti-bacterial Solution for Cleaning

A damp house is also a breeding ground for mosquitoes, germs, and bacteria. To prevent this, mop your floors using an anti-bacterial solution daily. Alternately, dry mop the house alternatively to prevent moisture from building up. You can have pest control checked before the monsoons, to get rid of stubborn worms and bugs. Following these simple tips can give you full home rain protection.

We have tried to share all the major tips for a healthy monsoon ready house. Follow these methods and get to enjoy your monsoons to the fullest. To make the most of the monsoon, lookout for a new place with added amenities. Hallmark Vicinia offers a range of apartment options featuring balconies. You may further experience the onset of rains in the cozy confines of your new home. If need help with finding your new home, consult Nobroker. They will offer you the best of properties matching your requirements.

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