Features Of Oracle Reporting

Oracle Reporting is a product of the huge Oracle company based in Redwood, California. The product was released in the mid-90s and has been used by many end-users and also big organizations. Now it is even available for end-users with a free trial version. This product is more advanced than the earlier versions of Oracle products. Some of the main features of Oracle Reporting Studio are explained below.

The major advantage of Oracle Reporting is that it can export financial reports in various formats, such as excel. It uses different IRI format files for various types of reports such as monthly, quarterly, annual, and so on. The user interface of Oracle Reporting is very user-friendly, and it allows customization of reports. You can create custom tables, columns, and rows for displaying the data. You can easily change the color of the cells and images as well. You can create a new report by using the built-in editor, or you can run an SQL file from the reporting studio.

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