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False Teeth Brisbane North Features

It is important to understand that dental veneers, crowns and bridges are fillings and not false teeth. The false teeth Brisbane North solutions are prescribed by a dentist. These teeth come as a set and available for both upper and lower jaws. These dentures are removable and not attached permanently by medical grade cement or other techniques. The synthetic teeth can be taken out from the mouth for cleaning and other requirements. Its use allows the wearer to chew the foods properly. It helps retain the remaining teeth or extend their life.

These dentures can be attached to natural teeth if some of them are still intact. They can also be attached to the implants. Conventional or full dentures are used when all natural teeth have been lost. It takes some time to adjust chewing and other mouth activities with the denture set but it is not difficult. Gradually, its use becomes normal and does not feel odd. Installation of the dentures requires planning and approximation. It allows the dental mechanic to prepare the right size dentures.

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