Essential Vitamins For A Healthy And Strong Body.

Healthy vitamins are those that are essential for the body to stay strong and they are such as:

Vitamin D

This vitamin helps the body absorb calcium which is responsible for strong bones and teeth and its available in foods such as whole eggs, tuna, sardines, salmon, mushroom, milk and cereals.

Vitamin A

This is responsible for vison, healthy skin and also helps in boosting the immunity. Foods that are rich in this vitamin are, fruits, vegetables, carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli and spinach.

Folate and folic acid

It’s essential for formation of red blood cells and also cell growth. One can get this vitamin by intake of foods such as, leafy green vegetables, legumes and fruits that have less sugar

Vitamin B12

Its role it to keep the nerves and blood cells strong and its available in foods such as, eggs, milk, poultry, tuna and cheese.

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