Enjoy A Fun Game Of Frisbee Golf

If you’re looking for a fun, family friendly activity that the whole family can enjoy, consider learning the basics of Frisbee golf. This game can be as simple as walking the course and tossing your Frisbee, but it can also rise to the level of serious competition. As a starter, you’ll need one or more discs or Frisbees that are designed for the game. These discs are much like the traditional Frisbee that everyone is familiar with, but they tend to be a bit more compact and have a little more weight; however, discs used for the game do come in a variety of weights, so choose the one that you’re most comfortable using.

Once you have your discs, it’s time to head to your local course. You play like you would miniature golf. Start at the designated starting area for the hole and toss your Frisbee, with the goal of landing it in the basket. Add a point for each toss and strive for the lowest score.

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