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Different Types Of RAW Pre Rolled Cones

You will feel the authentic taste of your joint as soon as you smoke it in the RAW pre rolled cones. It is not without reason that these cones have become so popular among the smokers. The precision crafted cones made with naturally unbleached paper are ready for filling. These papers do not contain any dyes or chalk. You will enjoy your smoke and relish the flavor to the fullest. The classic RAW cones are available in the packs of 6 and 32.

The king-size classic cones are available in 3, 32, 800 and 1400 piece boxes. The Lean model cones are available in 20 and 800 piece boxes. The classic 98 Special box contains 1000 cones. The Peacemaker cones can be ordered in 5 and 20 Stage RAWket packs. This cone is 140 mm long. The Emperador cone is 180 mm long and available in 5 and 20 RAWket packs. The 280 mm long Supernatural cone is also available in 5 and 20 Stage RAWket packs. The 600 mm long Challenge cones are ordered individually. Order the RAW cones based on your smoking needs and habit.

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