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Composite Bonding Lincoln: The Hidden Benefits

Composite bonding is a form of dental restoration that uses tooth-colored materials to fill in the gaps caused by tooth decay. It can also create a more natural-looking smile and provide increased protection against tooth decay.

– It can help stop or slow down your teeth from decaying even if you have cavities or fillings
– If you are experiencing sensitivity in chewing, eating cold foods, or talking, Composite Bonding Lincoln may be able to create relief
– It will not change the color of your teeth as other restorations do

The Composite Bonding Lincoln is a great alternative to metal braces. It is a tooth-colored material that attaches the teeth with precision and accuracy. It does not require any drilling or grinding of the teeth, which can lead to sensitivity in some people’s mouths and discomfort from wearing metal brackets for hours at a time. It does not use mercury as traditional silver fillings do, so it is safe for allergies or sensitivity to mercury. It can be used on all types of dental problems, such as overbites, underbites, and crossbites.

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