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Common Metal Welding Applications

Metal welding is a popular way of bonding materials together for a strong joint. It is commonly used in the construction of homes. You can see the sparks fly as welders attach the balcony railing to ensure the safety of the future occupants. Welding is also used for the steel reinforcement of concrete stairs.

If security is an issue in a particular neighborhood, then the homeowners might ask welders to come in and installed anti-theft window grills. The metal bars will prevent entry so people can leave the house without worries. The grills could be as simple or as ornate as the owner wants it to be.

Some homes use wooden beams but this can become an issue if there are termites in the area or if heavy rain is common in the region. The wood will eventually rot and weaken. Steel beams can perform better and last longer. These are lighter than wood yet stronger. These should be painted to resist corrosion, especially at the welded joints.

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