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Cleaning A Silicone Baby Food Pouch

A silicone baby food pouch is reusable but you must make sure that it is clean and dry prior to every use. This is to prevent illness and promote freshness when the food is in storage.

After feeding, wash the pouch as soon as possible. Fill it to half the volume with warm water and shake vigorously to dislodge food on the inner walls. Pour this down the drain. Repeat until the water comes out clean.

Get a small brush and soapy water. Use this to wash the interiors and rinse so that there is no residue that could affect the taste. Allow this to air dry on a dish rack as long as it needs to.

Always inspect the insides before you put food. It you see any dark spots or other signs of dirt, then wash it first before using it. Don’t take chances with your baby’s health.

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