Best Restaurants In Barangaroo: Sydney’s New Must-Visit Destination

Barangaroo is Sydney’s newest and best destination for foodies. Home to the best restaurants in Sydney, it’s a must-visit hotspot with so many different cuisines on offer. There are over 30 cafés and restaurants in Barangaroo, catering to every taste bud imaginable!

Best restaurants Barangaroo, there is a long list of reasons why you should visit some of Sydney’s best-known places while spending time there for your vacation. These include Bondi Beach, Opera House, and Harbour Bridge, among the top attractions both locally and internationally.

1) The Apollo: This restaurant offers an all-day dining menu that features everything from breakfast to dinner and dessert. You can also take advantage of their drinks specials such as $4 beers or wines by the glass during happy hour (available Monday-Sunday).

2) Rockpool Dining Group: With three locations across Sydney, this is an upscale restaurant group that offers a wide range of food, including seafood and traditional Australian dishes.
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